I offer Tutorage for Trombone, Trumpet and other Brass either at my home or yours. I find this extremely rewarding, especially when total beginners play their first melody or pass their first exam.

But don’t take my word for it .......


M Bailey

Tom took my son on at grade 3 standard. The decision to leave the grades and just play has produced amazing results. The freedom to play and experiment has been such an incentive for James. Tom plays alongside James and James can see, hear and feel Tom's love of his instrument. As a result James tone and musicality has become so distinctive and he plays with far more flair than before. He duets with James and builds his confidence to go solo.

Tom plays with passion and this is infectious to his students. He makes the trombone a really classy instrument. 


J Bailey

Tom has helped me hear my instrument which makes my playing so much better.

Dr J Ward

Tom has been teaching my ten year old son Ben for two and a half years, with Ben having lessons weekly.  Initially Ben was having lessons with a friend which worked well; despite two very excitable 8 year old boys Tom ably ensured the lessons went to plan and that continued progress was made.  More recently due to differing abilities and progress, I decided Ben would benefit from individual lessons which have been very successful.  During his time with Tom, Ben has gone from being an absolute beginner to recently passing his grade three trumpet, much of this credit is Tom’s.  Both my son and I have found this to be an excellent and rewarding experience. 

Tom is thoroughly professional, yet he is also most engaging, encouraging and interested in his students and their progress. Tom is more than an excellent, supportive trumpet teacher; Ben views him as a mentor and dreams one day of reaching Tom’s skill level.  Ben has been further encouraged by seeing Tom “on tour” with his band as a practising musician.  Tom has also been able to influence Ben to practise (not an easy feat when there are so many electronic distractions) and has encouraged him that this is the only way of reaching his ambition.  Such is Ben’s admiration of Tom, he has be known to say he needs to practise so that he does not let Tom down.

I cannot recommend Tom enough and would be more than happy to provide further reference if required.

M Maunder

Tom was an inspirational first teacher, always bringing out the joy of making music. Whether it was preparing for an exam or just jamming, Fred would come out from every lesson saying “that was such fun!”

R Smallwood

Every time I collect my son from his trumpet lesson with Tom, I come away with a smile on my face thinking how lucky we are.  My son clearly enjoys his lessons with Tom - they always seem to be laughing when I collect him.  But as well as being great fun, Tom is also a fabulous musician and teacher.  Tom is able to relate really well to the kids and is able to communicate with them in a manner they are receptive to.  I can’t imagine a better music teacher (and I speak from experience having had many good, and not so good, music teachers when I was younger).